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Welcome on my portfolio to discover my way on thinking


About Me

I am someone sociable and enthusiastic, I love meet pupil and chat with them to know them passions and what they are. I love sport, ancient Greek and travel : I have practice a lot of sport in my life like tennis, football handball. But my favorite which I am practicing is the rugby. Considerate like a violent sport, a lot of pupil have a reducing idea of what’s this sport. It’s a sport with a lot of value like team spirit, courageous and respect. It’s necessary for me of understand and use this value every day with everyone. The antiquity is the better period of the world history with is epic battle, with his science his monument and his invention. I love reading the different of the mythology. My favorite book is « Go say at Sparta » I love travel because it’s a moment where you discover the most of different pupil and way of thinking I am ever going to Canada, Spain, England, Poland , Germany Italy and greece and now USA. And i promess you Ihave never seen the same things or meet the same person.


Goal Project

I want create a start up but I want study finance too I should study finance before to assure an income and start with a professional experience, in fact I will create a start up in the ecology domain because I am sure that will be tomorrow market. That’s why this travel at San Francisco is important for me, it ‘s very interesting to learn with an other vision than the European vision and in a ecosystem favorable of the creation of our own company


San Francisco Experience

I have learn the coding and an other way of thinking This experience will stay an incredible abounding of knowledge The coding will be necessary of all the jobs of tomorrow and it’s important to begin most quickly. I will continue to code at paris because. I have discover a marvelous city with a other mentality and rich of emotions with his beautiful place and park and rich in history This city is for me the gold area. I want a mean, a city gold rush with the pioneer and now with the entrepreneur.